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Kilimanjaro Porter

Kilimanjaro Porter

Kilimanjaro Porter 

Your porters and guides are your true friends once you are on the Mountain. They will help you in every situation in terms of important factors contributing to a successful summit.

For the duration of Kilimanjaro Trek, your guide will be your friend, advisor and your caretaker. He is the person behind your successful Kilimanjaro summit and descends you safely to the foot of the mountain.

So it’s important to listen to your guide first.

What Do Kilimanjaro Porters Do?

Carry Equipment and Supplies– Before your arrival to the camp, they will arrive, set up camp for you, cook fresh food for you and boil water, so that you can get fresh after reaching the camp.

Making Camp Each Day- They will set up camps each day for you. Unfold the tent in the morning and leave the camp and again set up the tent in the next camping site. 

Cook delicious and healthy food for you- They arrange clean water from the nearest lake and cook fresh food for you. They take care of your nutrition to keep you energetic and fresh. 

Support You Mentally and Physically- Your guides remain with you all the times like your shadow. They are the persons, who make your challenging trek more enjoyable. They dance, sing and do funny activities to make you free from physical and mental pain. The fantastic attitude, amazing smile and terrific sense of humor of the porters are rewarding.

So tipping is a compulsory tradition for the extraordinary service they offer and to keep them motivated.

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