Amboni Caves

Amboni Caves

Located 8 km north of the Tanga city, Amboni caves are limestone caves in East Africa. The caves were believed to be built 150 million years ago. The cave is a fascinating historical site and covers an area of 234 square km.

Home to thousands of bats, they were traditionally believed to have various spirits, and continue to be a place of worship and ritual. The caves were originally thought to extend 200km or more, and are said to have been used by the Kenyan Mau Mau during the 1950s as a hideout from the British.

The caves have several mythical and awe-inspiring stories. The locals believe that the caves hold supernatural formations where supernatural powers commonly known as “Mizimu” are believed to have been residing since the formation of the cave.

There are sacred chambers for worshiping some spirits. One of them is called “Mzimu wa Mabuvu”. According to the local, the powerful spirit can bless them wealth and lessen their sickness and sufferings.

Once used as hiding places for the locals, the Amboni caves are among Tanzania’s most popular attractions that have attracted thousands of tourists both local and foreign throughout the year.

The caves have a number of tunnels or chambers which are very dark inside. Through a guided tour all channels are easily accessible.

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