Mwanza City

Mwanza City

Location:  North Western (NW) Tanzania

Mwanza city is the major port on Lake Victoria. It is also famous as a prime centre of economic activities. The city borders East African neighbours like Uganda to the North West and Kenya to the North-east. The city is surrounded by rocky hills spread with huge granite boulders.

Mwanza’s economy depends upon the export and import among the bordering countries. The maximum areas of the city are covered by agricultural productions. The city generates good revenue for tea, cotton and coffee plantations. In addition to this fishing and industrial processing of fish for export markets, and large-scale gold and diamond mining activities in neighbouring regions also contributes towards economic growth.

The nearby places to explore are Rubondo Island National Park and the western part of Serengeti. In Rubondo Island National Park, the visitors get the opportunity of bird-watching around the Lake-shore and pleasant day-hikes. The very proximity of western Serengeti can be explored to experience the magic of the vast wilderness.

Mwanza’s Sukuma Tribe is the largest tribe in Tanzania. They are indigenous and farmed the region for centuries.

Mwanza City At A Glance

Enjoy a good facts - here are a few useful ones about Mwanza City

During the low tourist season, wet spring season, there are only fewer crowds, but you also have greater senses of isolation and personal connection with the landscape and the local peoples. Temperatures are most comfortable from June through September and also October.

If you have interests in blooming wildflowers like orchids and fireball lilies, then November is good and the arrival of migratory birds can be spotted in December.

Mwanza is positioned on Lake Victoria’s shore

It is a major industrial centre and a busy port

It is a great starting or finishing point for safaris through Ngorongoro and the Serengeti

Walking and hiking excursions


Cultural Tours

Industrial Visits

Like other national parks, travelling to Mwanza City is also safe. Although some health concerns are necessary to follow, like mosquito repellent with at least 30% DEET, antimalaria medication and covering the skin during the evening time.

Most importantly you need to follow the instructions of your guide in your whole trip.

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