Rubondo Island National Park

Rubondo Island National Park

Established – 1965

Size- 240 sq km

Location:  Western Tanzania

Rubondo Island is one of Tanzania’s smallest National Parks, occupying the entire island. Covering an area of 240 sq km, the park is known as the jewel of Victoria. The combination of 11 smaller islets offers the breath-taking natural beauty with relaxing peace of sandy lakeshore.

The habitat of Rubondo Island is mixed evergreen and semi-deciduous forest, which covers about 80% of the island’s surface area, hosting a variety of common species. The eastern lakeshore is characterized by rocky areas and sandy beaches whilst the western shore supports extensive papyrus swamps, lined with date palms.

Rubondo is home to a surprising number of large animals. Elephant, giraffe, bushbuck, Bush buck, Chimpanzee, hippo and crocodile. Except the wildlife viewing, guests can also embark on a variety of other activities that promote eco-sensitivity.

The park hosts a diverse number of birds. With 300 endemic and migratory bird species, Rubondo Island is an ornithologist’s dream. The most common species are African darters, egrets, pied kingfisher, the high-pitched screeches and African grey parrot. Rubondo also holds a very high concentration of fish eagles.

Rubondo Island National Park At A Glance

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The best time to visit Rubondo is during the dry season, between June and October. December through to February experiences a large number of migrant bird species visit the island so for keen birders this can also be a great time to visit.

Elephant, giraffe, bushbuck, Bush buck, Chimpanzee, hippo and crocodile

Forest walks

Canoe trips

Chimpanzee trekking

Catch-and-release fishing

Game viewing

Bird watching

Like other national parks, travelling to Lake Arusha National Park is also safe. Although some health concerns are necessary to follow, like mosquito repellent with at least 30% DEET, antimalaria medication and covering the skin during the evening time.

Most importantly you need to follow the instructions of your guide in your whole trip.

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