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Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is considered as the jewel of Tanzania. It is often featured on many National Geographic shows because of harbouring rich wildlife, endless plains breath-taking sunrises and sunsets.

Established – 1951

Size- 5,700 square miles (14,763 square km)

Location: Northern Tanzania

The parks classic scenery will make the heart go wild. Recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Serengeti is Tanzania’s oldest park. The main drawcard which makes the park a spectacular one is the Great Wildebeest Migration.

Every year, nearly 2 million wildebeest, zebra joined by other antelopes migrate from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya. You just need to be in the right spot at the right time to witness the herd moving with a great speed covering a long distance.

In addition to this, Serengeti also offers some of the best wildlife viewing in Tanzania. All the major safari animals of the park are great in numbers. The Big Fives are easily seen here, but rhino sightings are rare, and only black rhinos are present. Aside from the big cats, many other predators can be spotted including spotted hyena (especially in the morning), jackal and bat-eared fox.

More than 350 species of birds, including ostriches, vultures, and flamingos, also call Serengeti their home.

The scenery of Serengeti is renowned among visitors because of its vast grassland plains stretching across the southeast.   It’s an immense landscape and quite stunning – big sky country that feels like exclusive, untouched, unique and untamed wilderness.

Serengeti National Park At A Glance

Enjoy a good facts - here are a few useful ones about Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park offers a good opportunity for wildlife viewing all round the year. However, it is best to visit Serengeti if you have an interest in the Great Migration is between June – July (river crossing) and January – February (calving season).

Serengeti is home to one of the world's seven natural wonders – the wildebeest Migration that crosses the Mara River from Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya to the Serengeti National Park searching for the green fields.

In addition to wildebeest the big five, Spotted hyena, golden and black-backed jackal are seen in abundant

More than 350 species of birds, including ostriches, vultures, and flamingos, also call Serengeti their home.

Of or above the age of 16 - US$ 60.00 per person per 24 hours (excl. 18% VAT)*

Between the age of 5 and 15 - US$ 20.00 per person 24 hours (excl. 18% VAT)*

Children below the age of 5 - free of charge

Game drives

Night drives

Walking Safari

Hot- Air Balloon Safari

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Bush dinners

Like other national parks, travelling to Serengeti National Park is also safe. Although some health concerns are necessary to follow, like mosquito repellent with at least 30% DEET, antimalaria medication and covering the skin during the evening time.

Most importantly you need to follow the instructions of your guide on your whole trip.

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