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Experience 10 Unforgettable Moments In Tanzania: A Guide For First Timers

Are you going for Tanzania Safari Tours for the first time? Then, let us know the reason behind the excitement that drives you to go for Tanzania Safari. Tanzania has a great game reserves, big national parks, lakes and beaches. It’s a wonderful country which is full of natural and wildlife diversity with different ecological system.

It’s better to say that Tanzania is made up of a group of beautiful and delightful natural areas with diverse ecosystems rather than Tanzania has a great and most wonderful natural and wildlife diversity.

 Activities in Tanzania for First-Timers

Tanzania Safari

 If you are a first-time traveler for Tanzania Safari, it is advisable to organize your trip through a Best Tanzania Safari Companies. As per the availability of time and the activities you’re interested in, a tour operator can guide you with availing all the services and facilities you need.

After choosing a suitable and trusted Tanzania Tour Operator, planning with your tour operator is recommended for the activities according to the time and interesting activities within your budget. It not only saves your time, also makes your tour hurdle free & memorable.

Tanzania Safari Activities like walking safari, wildlife safari, camping safari, cultural safari, great migration safari, hot balloon safari, snorkelling, canoeing, etc. attracts more tourist every year from every corners of the world.

Let us guide you as a Tanzania Safari Guide to give you some basic information related to different safari activities.

Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Safari

In the wildlife safari, you are going to see the great wildlife diversity in different national parks and game reserves like, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, Selous, Katavi, Mikumi, Mt. Kilimanjaro, etc. Wildlife safari in Serengeti gives you an appealing and delightful view of wildlife, as it represents world’s highest concentration of wildlife.

So, if you are going on a Tanzania Safari with an aim to see a particular animal, that might not happen (though the chances are still high it will!), but you will for sure see some exotic animals!

With a perfect plan, the wildlife safari in Tanzania can touch your heart and make memorable days in your lifetime.

Camping Safari

Tanzania Camping Safari

With a Tanzania Camping Safari tour, you can explore the Tanzania wildlife diversity through harsh roads and forests. You do not need to worry about the camping, let your tour operator handle the camping and bathroom facilities.

The vehicle with driver guide is for you to explore the fabulous Tanzania Destinations. The famous Africa’s inconspicuous big five is the best and perfect thing to explore during camping safari.

The camping in the midst of wildlife will give you a chilling experience in this safari. The sound of owl, roar of the lion, and grazing of giraffe near your camp makes your experience more enjoyable and delightful.

The camping safari for game viewing on open savannah and Great Rift Valley is enough to take your breath away.

Canoeing Safari

Canoeing Safari

To experience the deepest, biggest and longest lake of Africa, canoeing safari is the most attractive activity that attracts more tourists.

As a first time traveler of Tanzania, you need to go for the canoeing safari with your guide. The most famous place for pink flamingos in Lake Manyara which is famous for birding and game view from canoe. You can see the tree-climbing lion, grazing of giraffes, elephants, buffalos, antelopes, etc. in the Lake Manyara National Park.

The other lake where game viewing from canoe is very beautiful is Lake Duluti of Arusha region. Enjoy a peaceful and scenic game view of Arusha National Park at dusk and dawn from canoe in Momella Lake.

Serengeti Balloon Safari

Serengeti Balloon Safari

Enjoy the spectacular view of Serengeti wildlife from the air in our Tanzania Hot Air Balloon Safari. Drifting above the green savannah plain to get a eye-catching view of grazing of wildebeests and zebras makes this safari popular.

During the migration the view of wildebeests from the hot air balloon will give you the different test of the great wildebeest migration. Also, you can watch the wildlife of restricted or conserved areas, where vehicles are not allowed.

Visit Traditional Village

Maasai Village

Tanzania is not only famous for its diverse nature and wildlife; it is also famous for the cultural diversity. To know about the Tanzania’s ancient history and tradition, you need to meet with the local tribes.

You will meet the ancient tribes like Maasai tribe, Hadzabe tribe (the original Tanzanian Bushmen), Datoga tribe (the farmers), Sukuma tribe, Iraqw tribe, and Swahili tribe.

Tanzania Cultural Tour is the best way to experience the charm of the friendly Tanzania people.

See Africa’s Eden in Ngorongoro Crater


As famous for largest intact caldera in the world the Ngorongoro Crater is the place where the earliest human fossils of 3 million years ago were found. The dramatic highland and Oldupai Gorge, where the earliest human fossils were found, makes this place special.

The wildlife diversity in the crater can make your day beautiful. It is the best place for wildebeest for calving. You can see 25,000 animals and 500 bird species in this caldera. OI Doinyo Lengai, is the only volcano that erupts carbonate lava, is located in this park.

This place is listed as UNESCO heritage site, as this is the home for many endangered species. You can locate the African Big Five in this cater. 

Witness The Migration Of Wildebeest

The Migration Of Wildebeest

The famous wildlife show of the earth the Great Wildebeest Migration starts from March from the Ngorongoro conservation area. The migration heads towards the Masawa game reserve and then towards western corridors.

Near Grumeti River, The great migration gathers in one place and joined by herds of zebras, cape buffalos, gazelles, etc.After crossing the Mara River in August and September, they enter into the Masai Mara national park in November.

During the November, the migration enters into the Tanzania and crosses the north-east Serengeti in the month of December. In January, they cross southern Serengeti. They take rest in January to February, and give birth to new calves.

You can see the prey and predator encounter in migration which shows the lifecycle of Tanzania ecosystem.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro


When we think of traveling to Tanzania, we think of lions and leopards, vast savannah plains and tropical beaches. But just south of the Equator stands Mt. Kilimanjaro, a glacier-topped peak, the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

To experience the hiking, you can choose the best Kilimanjaro Route which is easy for you to summit at the peak. There are 7 routes like Machame, Marangu, Lemosho, Umbwe, Northern-circuit, Rongai, & Shira to reach at the summit.

Kilimanjaro is the only freestanding and highest mountain with an altitude of 20,000 ft. It was made up of three volcanoes namely, Mawenzi, Shira and Kibo.

During the hiking, you can face five ecological zones such as tropical rain forest, cultivation, Heather-moorland, Alpine desert and summit climate zones. You need to take clothing gears and hiking gears to avoid altitude sickness. Hiking with a high speed may generate altitude sickness like nausea, headache, breathlessness etc. So choose the way that is only suitable for your health.

Don’t worry about the luggage and camping, as the skilled and experienced guides, porters will help you all on the way of hiking.

Chill On The Zanzibar Beach


After a long tour and safari, you need to relax on the Zanzibar Beach Holidays and enjoy the blue crystal clear water of the sea. You can do water sport activities like snorkelling, diving, etc.

Walk through History in Stone Town

To know about the ancient trade and tribe of Stone Age, you need to explore the Zanzibar city. The Zanzibar city monuments and museums say about the stone age of Tanzania.

You can also book for luxury accommodation to make your trip enjoyable and memorable for lifetime with us.

As the best Tanzania Safari Tour Operator, Travel Partner Ltd is here to guide you step to step for your first travel to Tanzania.

As you are going first time for Tanzania Safari Tours, you should plan perfectly and gather information about Tanzania.

Travel Partner is providing excellent safari and trekking services in Tanzania to the clients through our learned, skilled, experienced staffs/guides.




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