Hadza Tribe – The Most Antiquity Hunter Tribe Of Africa

Beneath the bushes of great Serengeti plains, lives the most unique tribe of the world “Hadza”. Their style of living, eating, thinking and speaking is different from others. Your life can be compared to the reciprocal of their daily life.


Hadzabe Tribe Africa


Hadza Tribe Africa is also known as Hunters Gathers. They live at Lake Eyasi region near Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. For several thousand years only hundreds of these people are sustaining on this land.

Mostly Hadza tribe people are opportunist hunters. Generally, they depend on birds and small animals but some of the time they also hunt for antelopes.

Hadza in Tanzania is having a strong relationship with the street dogs. Street dogs are considered as a pet and they take proper care of them.

An ancient technique of igniting the fire using wood is the process applied by the Hadza tribe. They use the bows and arrows made of bamboo and wood to hunt.

Let’s know Hadza Tribe, from the details given below:

How do they live?

The Hadza camp is mostly found inside the deep forest areas.  They don’t cultivate or keep animals with them. Hadza is the only tribe, which allowed to hunt in the wild as they are dependent on hunting.


Hadzabe Tribe Africa


People of the Hadza tribe use the animal’s skin to make their clothes. Moreover, they use the animal’s skull to decorate their surroundings. You should visit the Hadza tribe once during your Tanzania Safari.

Hunter Gathers changes their places according to their needs and weather conditions. Throughout their life, these people never built huts to live. Hadza tribe lives under the trees and stone caves.

Hadza Diet

Hunting and Gathering is the prime source of nutrition for Hadza people.

Hadzabe Nutrition


Every day they hunt small and big wildlife and eat them as food. Their hunting and living style is quite similar to early men

Some other sources included in the Hadza diet are different berries, fruits, and tubers.

Moreover, they also gather honey from the wild hives of the jungle.

For water, they mostly depend on water holes and natural water bodies. Hadza people live near the shores of Lake Eyasi and Rift valley.

Hadza tribe hunting

Ancient hunting techniques of hunting, using bow and arrow are preferred by the people of Hadza.

Hadzabe tribe hunting


Their bows are made up of bamboo trees and tied with strong ropes made with the roots of trees.

Arrows are made with the straight sticks of trees, with sharpening tips and feathers of birds.

Aiming of Hadza people while hunting is too clear. First, they move into the jungle in seek of some animals or birds. After that, they target the arrow to the species and live it.

They move in a group of 3 to 5 men for hunting and each man turns on a single species.

Together they kill a large species though they are only tribes allowed to hunt in the jungle.


You will be shocked to know that Hadza Tribe Africa doesn’t have any culture or religion belief. Nor they follow any timeline or date.

Hadzabe Tribe Africa

Never in life had they had experienced any wars or deadly diseases. So their fewer population sustained for 1000 years.

In their free time, Hadza tribe Tanzania sing and dance to entertain their beloved. You can take part in this occasion during Cultural tours.

They don’t have any place called home, so they live under the bushes and trees. Moreover, they set up some campfire to keep themselves warm during the night.

Community Rules

It’s quite interesting that Hadza Tribe Africa doesn’t have any community rules. Even if they don’t follow any rules and regulations.

Hadzabe Tribe Africa

Hadza tribes believe nature and its act, as well as have learned the skills to get acquainted with it.

They use to make oral rules and follow them for a particular thing than dismiss it. So you will be happy to meet them during Tanzania Safari Tours.

From centuries various tribes and governing groups tried to develop and help the Hadza tribe Africa. But unfortunately, they fail to do so, because these tribal people don’t want to be dependent on anyone.

Our local guides have built several year relationships with the Hadza tribe. Also, they can understand their language and way of living. So, we Travel Partners can help you to meet these tribes with ease and will help you to learn more about them.

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