How Maasai People Maintain Lifestyle In African Savannah?

Tanzania is one of the wonderlands of the world. Not only for the national parks or untamed wildlife but also for the rich culture of tribal people makes it more magical. Being the heart of Africa, Tanzania welcomes more than 1,093,000 travelers every year. Out of them, around more than 80% of people are in love with exploring the old age tribal culture.

A get-together of Maasai people

Out of more than 100 tribe groups, the Massai tribe is one of the eye-catching ones. There are an estimated 1 million of Maasai people residing in Kenya and Tanzania. There is however not much difference between Maasai Kenya and Maasai Tanzania, but visiting them in both countries can be amazing. Maa is the prime Maasai language however, some of them can talk Swahili or English as it is their official languages (very few who are in touch with modernity).

You will surely meet these red robes wearing Maasai men during your Tanzania Safari or visit Kenya. They are the catchiest tribal groups due to their interesting and unusual beliefs, rituals, and lifestyle. Here are a few iconic facts about this tribal group:

How Do They Live:

Massai people are a large group of Nilotic groups that can be spotted in many central and southern Kenya. Apart from Kenya they mainly reside in the northern part of Tanzania. They are semi-nomadic and mostly they inhabit one place to another.

How Do Maasai people live

These tribal people depend upon domestic animals which mainly include cows. Maasai people usually change their living locations from time to time. Hence they made the home that is easy and inexpensive to build. Also, they are financially not much empowered as well they tend to live with their age-old traditional style. Interestingly Maasai men don’t participate much in making home rather it’s the females who make the home.

The raw materials they use are completely natural. They use mud, cow-dung, dry grass, and small tree branches. Old and pregnant ladies are usually doesn’t participate in building the home. Their lifestyle is quite simple; they don’t own many households. In your Tanzania Safari trip, you can explore some of their traditional villages and homes.

Daily Facing Problems:

Living in the bushes of African countries these tribal people are facing problems since long ago. However, their problems are rising more day by day. As the govt. of Tanzania and Kenya are looking forward to enhancing the national parks of the country the authorities are forcibly evicting the tribal people.

Usually, they leave near the national park of the country. Hence, losing their land is one of the biggest problems they are facing. However, the govt. of Tanzania is planning for streamlining their life and makes them more acquainted with modern lifestyle.

Apart from this, they are threatened by various predators. As Tanzania is the land of some of the deadly predators living on the earth Massai’s domestic animals are mostly killed by the predators. These domestic animals mostly cows are their main source of living. So, they have to give a lot of effort to save their cattle, goats, etc.

Maasai Diet:

Maasai diet usually includes foods. They tend to cook less as they believe it will supply more energy and protein to them. They usually have raw milk, raw meat and sometimes raw blood from the cattle. However, they grew crops, fruits, and vegetables but many villagers don’t intake any kind of fruits or vegetables.

Maasai Diet

The raw blood of cattle they drink is sometimes they drink directly after collecting it from the cow. Sometimes they drink it mixing with raw milk. They usually drink this in some ceremony or while recovering from any kind of accident. They believe it supplies more protein and protects from many diseases.

Maasai Culture & Arts:

Maasai people have some colorful and unusual cultures you will love to explore during your Tanzania Safari tour to the country. Usually, the oldies of the Maasai tribe make a group and they are usually the head of a village. They are responsible for solving issues arise between the villagers. Mostly the villagers have to give cattle as the fine or small issues can be solved with apologies.

Maasai Culture & Arts

Apart from their culture is very iconic. They used to shave their heads during important many rites as it symbolizes a new start for them. Music and Dance is another great part of their culture. The Maasai jumping dance of Maasai men is quite popular and Tanzania Safari travelers during their cultural trips to the village try these dance steps.

Maasai art is another inseparable part of Maasais. They spent hours making body and face paint during their special occasions. The prime attraction of their art is the beaded pieces of jewelry they make. These jewelry are usually hand-made and waved by Maasai women mostly.

Community Rules:

Maasai people Community Rules

Not only they follow iconic rituals, beliefs and dance they also have many rules to keep their community survives in a better way. The age group is the central lifestyle structure of Maasais. They usually manage the work and responsibilities depending upon age. Females of the Maasais are usually responsible for household chores such as; cooking, milking, etc.

In every 15 years, a group of new people is formed as the Morans or warriors. It mostly has boys between 12 to 25 ages. They use a sharp knife and makeshift cattle hide bandages, who survive it without making noise they became a warrior.

The wound usually takes 4 to 8 months to recover. In this time, they live in Manyata, a village made by their mothers. These Manyatas have no fence or barricade to protect them or their cattle from the predators. They must stay wearing black clothes during this period.

Maasai women are also undergoing excision at a certain age. This is important as those girls who don’t undergo the practice may be getting rejected as a bride or may get reduced bride-price.


During your Tanzania Safari Trip, you will discover many facts about Maasai people and religion is one of them. Approximately 1000 years ago migrated from the Nile valley area these tribal groups primarily now residing in Tanzania and Kenya still following their 100 years rituals. Nagai or Enkai is their god they believe in. They have one god only and apart from this they tend to give offerings near the Mt. OldoinyoLengai as they believe their god lives on the peak of the mountain. As per them, their deity has 2 forms- male and female. Laibon are kind of priest who plays an important role in Maasai people religion part.

These are some iconic facts about the oldest tribal group of the African land. Exploring the lifestyle, culture, and having a few chit chat section during your Tanzania Safari will let you learn a lot about how they cope with nature. They have been living closely with nature and wildlife for years. You can listen to some interesting stories of facing and hunting big cats like lions by the Maasai warriors. Make a holiday plan to Tanzania and Kenya today to meet these iconic tribal with us. Just click to have a great trip to wonderland of Africa.

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