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Tanzania Camping Safaris

Tanzania Camping Safaris

Generally, safaris are associated with luxurious lodges, hotels or villas near wild locations. But except these, there is another accommodation option that offers the most authentic feel of wilderness, camping safaris.

Imagine sitting inside the tent and hearing the sound of a lion’s roar or feeling the vibration of the herd of elephant crossing close to your tent, camping lets you feel the thrilling buzz. The zip is the only separation between you and the wilderness.

Considering the choice of the travellers, we have divided camping safaris.

Tanzania Budget Camping

In Tanzania Budget Camping Safaris, the campsites are often public. Shower and toilet facilities are outside the tents. The bed is usually a mattress lying on the floor.

There will be a guide and a cook to serve you the food. The service is less-expensive and economical.

Tanzania Fly-In Camping Safari

Fly-camping safari involves setting up temporary tents in the areas that touch the real wild under the vast African sky.

You can expect a canvas washbasin with hot water, fresh towels, hurricane lamps and delicious food cooked on the fire. Sleeping with the sound of African nights is the main highlight of the Tanzania Safari.

Tanzania Luxury Camping

In Tanzania luxury camping, the tents are comfortable. You can expect relaxed comfort and a superlative experience of extraordinary wildlife.

Cook will be there to serve the fresh-cooked food. Wine, beer and soda also can be served to the campers. It is an absolute magical experience of spending nights gazing up the African stars, sitting near the campfire and watching the wild animals crossing by.

If you wish an immersive wildlife experience, feel the goosebumps and see Africa up close and personal, then camping safari is for you.

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