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Tanzania Camping Safari- Why You Need to Fly Camp on Your Safari

Feeling the stars of the cold night with the camp group fire with others makes the most pleasurable moment of your life. Camping Safari is not only budget friendly, but also, makes your safari an extraordinary moment of your life.

Tanzania camping safari is enough to give you the unique taste of Tanzania wildlife. Have you ever imagined what you are going to see after waking up in the morning? Yes, you’ll see wildlife around you or your camp. In your Tanzania Camping Safari Tour, you are going to feel to be a part of the Tanzania vast wildlife on the open never-ending savannah grasslands.

Tanzania is a country with rich natural and diversity and full of national parks and conservation areas. The game view of wildlife, birding, amazing landscapes, great migration, flora and fauna attracts millions of tourists each year. Many tourists choose the Tanzania Camping Safari for authenticity and affordability.

If you are planning for Tanzania Camping Safari, here is something you can expect:

Witness the Wildlife on Open Savannah


Waking up in the morning with the spectacular view of stunning wildlife of Tanzania around your camp make you fall in love of wild animals. You can see beautiful creatures like zebras, giraffes, wildebeests, antelopes etc.. in a closer view. The closer activities of wildlife in the open savannah can run the thunder in your spine and makes your day as the perfect day of your life. Witnessing the wildlife on night can also give you the most enjoyable moment during your Tanzania Camping Safari.

Watch the Great Migration in the Serengeti

Great Migration in the Serengeti

If there is a desire to see the Serengeti Great Migration in a closer view in the Serengeti open savannah grasslands, then don’t worry. Your desire is going to be fulfilled through your Tanzania Camping Safari Tours.

You will feel the trembling of the ground beneath your feet with a sound of bootstrap of the wildebeest. If you are lucky enough, you can see the encounter between lion and wildebeest for the survival.

Staying Under the Canvas

Staying Under the Canvas

You will get the most wonderful moments in the budget camping safari in Tanzania. Many tourists choose the Budget Camping Safari In Tanzania, not for its budget-friendly nature, but to get the real experience of staying under the canvas or tent. In the cold night of Tanzania, feeling the stars near the camp fire with your new or old friends makes your moment as a most amazing moment of your life.

You will get simple bathrooms, single light and single charging point with other basic accommodations in budget camping safari in Tanzania. The only things you can expect in the Camping Safari are beautiful views, the fresh air and a great hospitality. You can enjoy the full greenery and peaceful environment with the comfortable bed. The environment in the camping safari on the middle of open savannah grassland makes you feel more wildernesses.

Hike In The Rainforest’s Canopy at Lake Manyara National Park

Canopy at Lake Manyara National Park

In Tanzania camping safari must enjoy the hike in rainforest canopy at Lake Manyara National Park.

About 60 or 70 % wild animals stays in the trees above the level of shaded forest floor. The tropical rainforest has five layers such as, the over story, the canopy, the understory, the shrub layer, and the forest floor. The forest floor is the lowest layer whereas, the canopy is the dense ceiling of closely spaced trees and their branches.

The hike starts from the ground level on the free treetop walkway with a short board walk up to the canopy of the forest. While walking on the series of bridges, you will get the most spectacular view of amazing nature with the stunning wildlife. As the park is the inhabitant of the tree climbing lions, we are sure; you will get the view of lions lying on the tree branches.

Go off the beaten path in the Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve

In your Tanzania Camping Safari, you will get close to a lot of wildlife with a less crowd. The vast territory of Selous Game Reserve is open to the visitors and offers a beautiful wilderness with the game-view of wildlife.

Selous game reserve has no bound and also has the densest populations of buffalo, hippo, wild dog and lion with a huge number of elephants. For a pleasant experience, you should go in between June to September. You can enjoy birding, in between the time of December to February in this reserve,

Observe Elephants in Tarangire National Park

Elephants in Tarangire National Park

As you know, Tarangire National Park is famous for highest population of elephants and baobab trees. Don’t forget to enjoy the herds of elephant near Tarangire River in your Tanzania camping safari budget. This giant national park offers a closer view of herds of wild elephants with great scenery of 1100 migratory birds.

You can also see the migration of elephant during your camping safari. You can enjoy the flora and fauna both in the dry and wet season as well.

Track Chimpanzees in Gombe Stream National Park

Chimpanzees in Gombe Stream National Park

During Tanzania Camping Safari Tours, track chimpanzees in Gombe stream national park. Tracking chimpanzees is the most enjoyable activity you can do in your safari with viewing of other species primates such as colobus monkeys, baboons, etc.

Known as the home for primates, Gombe Stream National Park is also famous for the stunning view of dense rainforest and swamps.

Tips to follow for Tanzania Camping Safari

  • For a camping safari in Tanzania, plan to go in the dry season between July to September.
  • Keep your tent clean, hygienic and well-ventilated.
  • Don’t forget to take vaccinations with anti-mosquitoes vaccinations and take medication for the prevention for any infection.
  • Take your headlamp with other lights with you.

Best Time to Visit for Tanzania Camping Safari

The best time for Tanzania camping safari is the dry season, that is, June to October. To avoid the sunny weather of Tanzania, December to February is the perfect time for camping safari in Tanzania.

Getting camping safari in the rainy season is the bad idea.

Most of the people choose Tanzania Camping Safari not only for the budget, but to get a unique experience of real wildlife of Tanzania. There is no need to worry, if you are going alone for Tanzania camping safari. The tour operator can make everything easily for an enjoyable camping safari.

Travel Partner offers different packages for Tanzania Safari. Our best services and facilities can make you feel relaxed and comfortable during the Tanzania camping safari. Our tour guides, chefs with other staffs are well learned and highly experienced to make your Camping Safari special and most comfortable.


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