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About Tanzania

About Tanzania

About Tanzania

Tanzania is an epic destination wrapped up with national parks with captivating Wildlife, the highest point of Africa Mount Kilimanjaro, magical coastlines and captivating culture.

Moreover, the destination is a magnet for wildlife and adventure lovers’. So get ready to explore the vast wilderness of Tanzania on this once-in-a-lifetime safari adventure.

Wonderful Wildlife

Tanzania is best known as the land of safaris. Throughout the country, there are amazing things to discover like wildebeest stampede across the vast plains, elephant migrating in huge number, hippos enjoying the swim, chimpanzees swinging in the branches, lions hunting and many more.

Mt Kilimanjaro

Standing at a height of 5895 metres or 19340 ft, Mount Kilimanjaro is the World’s highest free-standing volcano. The mountain covers all types of vegetation. Capturing the stunning scenery in the snow-capped peak is wonderful. The main reward of the trill is standing on the highest peak of Kilimanjaro and witnessing the illuminating sunrise.

Idyllic Beaches

Tanzania’s coastline is magical with white sandy beaches covered with palm trees and a peaceful atmosphere. Each beach of the island is unique that is enough to take your breath away. The accommodations facing the beach are just amazing. Visitors can enjoy their time doing some water sports activities such as diving, snorkelling, kite surfing or relaxing with your dear ones.

Captivating Cultures 

Tanzania holds the most dynamic culture. Wherever you go in Tanzania, opportunities to know the culture are many. Meeting the red and blue Maasai tribe and experiencing the hospitality with their traditional dance are the things that attract visitors the most. The warmth and politeness of Tanzanians are more than anything else for the visitors.

Delicious Cuisines

A trip to Tanzania also guarantees to amaze you with some delicious dishes. The cuisines are a reflection of the country’s geography and history. Tanzanians use a plentiful amount of plantains, coconuts, rice, and cornmeal as the staples to prepare their food. Some of the tasty dishes are Pilau, Mishkaki (beef or chicken kebabs), Mchuziwasamaki (curried fish in coconut milk), Waliwanazi (rice in coconut milk), and Ugali. Ugali is commonly served in every meal in rural Tanzania.

So your Tanzania Trip is incomplete without having the taste of some of these appetizing cuisines.

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